Meet Yora-chan, Zhiza-han and Mitsu-kun of the SOUFURU. SOUFURU is the guardian of Arugoran realm, They protect Arugoran from the Torirenma.

SOUFURU is NFT Collection inspired by the colorful KARAFURU NFT

SOUFURU has the Standard Metadata ARC69 included. Each Character has it own colors, and traits with a collection size of 1500 generated SOUFURU. We hope that you enjoy these digital characters as much as we enjoyed creating them. They’re adorable, cool, and the perfect profile picture.

Each of these 1500 SOUFURU are generated pieces of art with over 100 traits, meaning each individual SOUFURU is totally unique.


What is “Defend Arugorand?”

Defend Arugorand is a Discord game with series of mission using Giveaway Boat.

What are the mission and what I get for participating?

The mission depends on what role you have.

Mission Rank :

  • Rank E : Difficulty Easy | 4 Mission per day | Reward 1 Soul Key
  • Rank D : Difficulty Easy | 2 Mission per day | Reward 3 Soul Key
  • Rank C : Difficulty Medium | 1 Mission per 2 day | 2 Enemy | Reward 6 Soul Key
  • Rank B : Difficulty Hard | 1 Mission per 2 Day | 4 Enemy | Reward 15 Soul Key
  • Rank A : Difficulty Very Hard | 1 Mission per 4 Day | 7 Enemy | Reward 35 Soul Key
  • Rank S : Difficulty Extreme | 1 Misson per week | 10 Enemy | Reward 100 Soul Key

What are Soul Key?

Soul Key is a proof that you completed the mission. You can exchange Soul Key with prizes from the Soufuru Vault.

I’m a Rank A, can I join the other mission?

Yes, you can join as many mission available on your rank and below.

There’s enemy?

Yes, there’s enemy to increase the difficulty of the mission.


Krisna クリスナ


Before on Soufuru project, Krisna have a collection named Josei Squad and was well received in the Algorand blockchain.

TermosEs ターモス


TermosEs used to be an Artist, but now he just collecting Algorand NFTs and helps in some projects.